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Lady Cee Lyric is a one of a kind hip-hop artist with a unique voice, flow, and style.  She embodies the DMV using her wide and colorful vocabulary, to paint an organic picture of the world she sees around her.  In her music, listeners will find a balance of heavy lyrical content, thought provoking ideas, and melodic beats with an influence of reggae.  On stage she is at home and has a natural ability to allure the crowd with her positive vibes and inviting persona.


Lady Cee Lyric was born Caroline C. Paire on October 28th, 1983 in Washington, DC.  She started her formal education at Draper Elementary in S.E. Washington, DC and went on to become a first generation college graduate; earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Business as well as a Master of Science in Accountancy Degree.  Not only is Lady Cee an independent artist, she is also a licensed tax preparer, accountant and proud business owner.  Lady Cee represents the entire DMV having lived in various regions throughout the DC metropolitan area, now a resident of PG County Maryland.  


She takes pride in writing, recording and performing the original songs she creates.  She also publishes her own music through her self owned publishing company A Queen Can Publish LLC.  She even creates her own cover art and fliers; in addition to creating and editing promotional videos to market those creations to others.  If you pay attention you will witness the unique journey of a single mother, who’s delicately balancing the roles of being an artist/entrepreneur, while parenting and running a business.  Being as though she reveals so much of her personal life, through the songs and videography she creates; it’s like watching a real life soap opera unfold.


As a child she loved to sing and rap and recalls playing her 1st tape by Another Bad Creation over and over again, until the tape popped.  She always knew she wanted to make music.  With a genuine love for literature and writing, Lady Cee was drawn to write poetry and soon began to convert her poems into songs/raps.  As soon as young Cee was able to, she began performing in local talent shows and competing in open mic competitions across the city; including the “Illest MC Competition” in which she ranked second place at the age of 15. 


Lady Cee’s debut feature was on the 2002 Dramacidal Album titled Speak Up, shortly after she had a freestyle featured on DJ P-Cutta’s Matrix Reloaded DNA Mixtape as well as his Rooftop Collections Vol. 1 Mixtape.  Since then, Lady Cee has done numerous features with talented artists, both local and international.  This inspired the release of her appropriately titled album Featuring…Lady Cee, which was released in 2014 through CD Baby.  Featuring...Lady Cee contains 8 of her most popular reggae collaborations with Jah Stranjah.  In April of 2015 Lady Cee released her debut Mixtape titled It’s All Relative, featuring 11 of her most memorable tracks on,, and 


At the start of 2016, Lady Cee began a new project and formed her publishing company A Queen Can Publish.  By July 30, 2016 Lady Cee independently released and published her debut album titled Relative Free Queen Cee.  This album was created as a reflection of her growth and to help raise the caliber of the content in hip hop music.  The album features 11 original songs and is available for download and streaming on all digital platforms; including iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, Tidal, Google Play, Deezer etc. 


On the anniversary of her late grandmother Ella Davis’ birthdate (2/17/1914) February 17th 2018 the album titled Supercede was also independently released and published by Lady Cee, through her independent music publishing company A Queen Can Publish.  The album features 12 songs with only one guest feature on the track “Change the World”, which features recording artist Ya Minko.  Supercede, the appropriately titled album; certainly is ahead of its time.  The album gives a proper balance of melodic hooks, witty lyrical parables and a touch of reggae; all while eloquently addressing sensitive issues affecting the community.  Since the release of Supercede, Lady Cee has created and published multiple hit singles such as; Savage, Lost Ones, Gimme the Loot, Misrepresented, Gas No Breaks, Bare Necessities, Lion’s Pride, Pour My Heart Out, Silver Lining, B A N, Sum of All Fears, Girlz N Da Hood, Lady Tango, Legendary and Super Duper Slick, and her third album Miss Merry Jane Chapter 4:20 was released appropriately on April 20th, 2021. 


You’ll find Lady Cee’s songs available for download and streaming all over the world! Lady Cee has been blessed with the opportunity to work with artists and DJ’s  in various cities and countries all over the world; including Africa, Jamaica, Russia, Germany, etc.  Her music is inspired by God, love, family and the possibility of creating and invoking positive changes in the world and lives of the people she connects with.  She aspires to be a voice for the black woman, for the black mother, the black man, and all  black Indian Americans and copper colored people of the world; whose history has been omitted, rewritten and erased.

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